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AnkiDroid: Anki on Android

Wouldn’t it be great if you could review your Anki cards on the go, instead of having to be at your main computer? If you have an Android phone, tablet, or other device, try AnkiDroid!

Kids: Get A's on Your Tests with Anki

Do want to get A’s on your tests? You can use a free program called Anki to memorize facts. The program makes it easy to remember things. If you memorize all the facts you need to know for your tests, you’ll get A’s.

Free Anki Flashcards: How to Download Shared Decks in 5 Easy Steps

Many people offer their flashcards as free shared decks. You can download these decks, and skip the hassle of typing up your own cards. Language vocabulary is especially popular. Always check for a shared deck on your topic.

Ace every test from now on. Seriously.

With the memory techniques on this site, you can ace every test from now on.

Memorize an 'Entire' Book: Collecting the Important Parts

If you want to keep what you read, you have to collect it into your flashcard system. This is extra work. How do you flag the important parts of what you read, without turning reading relaxation into study time?

Memorize an 'Entire' Book: Choose the good parts

You could memorize any book if you really wanted to. Word for word. But unless you’re learning a text, like the Bible or poetry, you don’t need every word. You just need all the important parts. That’s much easier. Like, months of your life easier. The tough part isn’t even the memorizing. It’s choosing which parts to learn. I’ll say that again. The hard part of memorizing an “entire” book isn’t the memorizing.