Top 10 Memory Tools You Wish You Knew

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Are you overwhelmed and frustrated by all the conflicting advice on memory improvement?

Some gurus want you to use memory palaces for everything. Others put everything into flashcards, even their emails. Don’t you wish you just knew what actually WORKED?

Here’s the secret …

There’s no one perfect memory improvement tool.

The trick is to learn all the best tools, and more importantly, when and how to use each one.

I’ve used these memory tools to learn all kinds of epic information, from thousands of flashcards to an entire Gospel (yes, the whole thing) to the hardest memory challenge of all … where I put my keys.

Over years of experimentation, I’ve also made some huge, time-consuming mistakes. Because you really want to use the RIGHT tool for every job. You don’t want to spend six months trying to hammer with a screwdriver.

So learn from my mistakes, and beat the confusion and overwhelm. Once you know these tools, and how and when to use them, you can remember anything.

Seriously. Anything.

Your Memory Is Already Amazing

Because as you’ll see in this book, your memory is ALREADY AMAZING. (You may not believe me, but that’s cool. I’ll prove it to you inside.)

And since your memory’s amazing, you really can use it to remember whatever information is currently giving you trouble. Genuine “memory improvement” is just a question of learning to use the right tool(s) for the job.

What would that be like? If you really could remember ANYTHING you wanted? How would your life change?

Thing is, it’s totally doable. Download the ebook to find out how.

Get the book!


Inside this book, you’ll get:

  • The Top Ten Memory Tools
  • Detailed guidance on which tools you should ALWAYS use, and which tools you should NOT always use. (You may be surprised … some of my suggestions are a bit controversial.)
  • How to apply these tools to remember specific kinds of information, including:
    • names
    • numbers
    • facts for tests
    • lists
    • remembering entire books
    • and more…
Plus, besides this ebook, you’ll also get access to my video course, “How to Remember Anything You Want,” for free.

Supercharge your memory!

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Note: if you came here looking for the Guide for the “Ultimate Memory Cheatsheet” – no worries! You’re in the right place! I’ve expanded that material into this full book: The Top 10 Memory Tools You Wish You Knew: Memory Improvement Made Easy(er).

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