Kids: Get A's on Your Tests with Anki

Do want to get A’s on your tests? You can use a free program called Anki to memorize facts. The program makes it easy to remember things. If you memorize all the facts you need to know for your tests, you’ll get A’s.

Download Anki now.

Anki is much easier and works much better than ordinary studying.

Study with Special Flashcards

After you download Anki, add the facts you need to know.

Each fact goes on its own “flashcard.” Anki shows you the question, and you try to give the answer. Then Anki shows you the answer.

It’s like a test. But there’s a big difference. If you get the answer wrong, you mark the card as “Soon.”

On a test, you’d lose points. With Anki, you don’t lose any points at all. Instead, Anki will show you the card again soon, so you can get it right!

Actually, Anki will keep showing you all the cards. That way you won’t forget any.

The better you know a card, the longer Anki will wait before you see it again. That means less study time.

Get Free Decks

You can also download other people’s flashcards. Maybe someone out there has already made a “deck” of flashcards for the facts you need to know.

People have made free decks for facts like:

  • the countries of the world, with maps

  • the capitals of each country

  • basic vocabulary in Spanish, French, and many other languages

Use Anki Every Day

Once you have your decks to study, use Anki every day.

Every day, you open Anki, and look at the cards you need to see that day. Pretty soon, you’ve learned hundreds or thousands of facts.

Get ready to celebrate some A’s.