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Spaced Repetition: Overview

Spaced Repetition is reviewing each fact just often enough so that you don’t forget it.

Three Study Habits for Memorizing

If you’re used to cramming, you’ll need to form some new habits for your spaced repetition. Check out these three simple study habits.

Anki: Quickstart Guide

My favorite flashcard program is Anki. It’s open source and free, and here are the basics you need to know to start using it right know.

Paper flashcards: Overview

If you don’t like computers, you can track your facts with paper flashcards.

Computer Flashcards: Overview

A computer flashcard program may be the most efficient tool out there for managing your memorized facts. But computers have their issues, too. Here are some tips.

Learn the Two Basics of Memorizing in Five Minutes

Want to remember what you learn? Learn the two basics of memorizing–and why typical studying doesn’t work–in five minutes.