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Rewrite Your Past with a Memory Palace: Quick Start

Take the 2017 Advent “Rewrite Your Past” Memory Palace Challenge! Create a simple memory palace, and add one favorite memory from your ACTUAL LIFE each day.

Rewrite Your Past with a Memory Palace: Intro

Hey! So I’ve got this memory idea that could change our lives. Mine too, I’m not kidding. Also, it’s tied to Advent calendars, and since it’s already December, it’s good you’re reading this now. This idea’s been lurking in my mind for years, ever since I heard of a study where researchers had depressed people stock a simple memory palace with good memories. Isn’t that brilliant? Depression, they explained, makes it harder to remember “self-affirming autobiographical memories.

How Flashcards Succeed: Solutions on Using Anki for Serious Study

An epic list of Anki solutions for the problems that plague the serious flashcard user. (Or, the long-awaited followup to How Flashcards Fail: Confessions of a Tired Memory Guy.)

How to Craft Memories You Can't Forget

You can craft stronger memories by finding strong details.

How to Remember Names

Despite the Baker/baker paradox, you can beat your biology and learn to remember names.

You Can Remember Anything You Want

The path to an amazing memory begins right here, right now, with the amazing memory you already have.