Want to remember anything you want? I'm your guy.

Your memory is already amazing, or you wouldn’t be able to read this. What if you just need a few new techniques to remember whatever you like?

So, most memory books and sites that I’ve seen have a couple big fails:

1) They’re obsessed with one or two particular memory techniques, not a whole system that will actually work for all the stuff you want to remember in real life. Would you really use the same techniques to ace a history test as to remember where you put your keys?

2) And/or, they’re way too stand-offish. Condescending, even. You get a vague sense that the genius and/or corporation behind the site can remember every single word they’ve have ever read, while the rest of us struggle to calculate a tip.

Here at YourAwesomeMemory.com, I do things differently.

1) I want to show you the whole system of memory tools and techniques you’ll need to remember anything you want. Each memory project is different. You need the right tools, plural, for the job.

2) I want to share my journey. Learning to remember is a major life project. It can be amazing, and it can be crazy hard. I want you to know my struggles too, not pretend I’m a minor deity.

I’m just a guy – still learning, still trying new techniques, still getting behind on my flashcards.

I’ve had some big successes, sure. At various times over the years, I’ve memorized an entire Gospel, an epic poem, and literally thousands of flashcards from what I’ve read. I could have aced an exam with 15,000+ questions. If I’d known this stuff in school, I’d probably have wound up in some Genius Study.

I’ve also been super honest when stuff blows up in my face.

In some of the most popular posts on this site, I’ve ditched the dirt on how flashcards fail and the dark side of mnemonics. I get real.

Because I really do believe that you can remember anything you want. And I want you to use the stuff that works.

So if you’re serious about unleashing your awesome memory, sign up below to get your FREE video course and join my email memory club.

Seriously. Blogs are nice and all, but are you really going to remember to come back? Isn’t that kind of the whole issue here?

Leveling up your memory is all about the habit. The list is how I can keep showing up, week after week, with the tools and encouragement and possibly-oversharing that’ll help you unlock your wildest memory dreams. It’s the good stuff, the stuff everyone else won’t see till much later … or never.

See you on the inside. :)

Bill Powell
Memory Guy