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Think Every Day, and Remember

What would happen if you set aside a single half hour every day to think?

The Dark Side of Mnemonics

What if mnemonics (memory prompts) actually weaken your memory?

Do Flashcards Work for Languages?

Flashcards are powerful, but if you’re not careful, they can hijack your memory work. A reader asks: should we still use flashcards for learning a language? I answer: Yes, but only sometimes, and carefully.

The Wrong Way to Memorize a Long List

Got a long list to memorize? Don’t start with memory tricks. Start with letting the list take you to a different world.

Review Your Way to Sleep

I want to go to sleep, but my mind wants to jabber to-do lists. Instead, why not muse on what I’ve learned today?

Reviewing As Thinking

Why memorize? So you can think. But memorizing is thinking. Instead of rushing through my flashcards, what if I can learn to enjoy reviews, as thinking?