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How to Cram for a Test With a Free Memory Program

Even if you only have days or hours to learn a few hundred facts, you can do it. This article will save your grade.

Kids: Get A's on Your Tests with Anki

Do want to get A’s on your tests? You can use a free program called Anki to memorize facts. The program makes it easy to remember things. If you memorize all the facts you need to know for your tests, you’ll get A’s.

Ace every test from now on. Seriously.

With the memory techniques on this site, you can ace every test from now on.

Three Study Habits for Memorizing

If you’re used to cramming, you’ll need to form some new habits for your spaced repetition. Check out these three simple study habits.

Beginner pains in memorizing, and how to cope

As you learn to memorize, you’ll probably experience some unpleasant new feelings. Once you understand them, they’re no big deal. Some are actually good news.