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How to Remember Verses For the Rest of Your Life

When you first learn verses by heart, it feels like you’ll never forget them. But if you don’t renew these verses every so often, they’ll slowly fade away. Here’s how to remember these verses for the rest of your life.

See the Verse Clearly

You can mentally “photograph” the verses you want to learn by heart.

Speak the Text With Rhythm

The Bible has rhythm! Unlocking these rhythms makes the verses both alive and stay in your mind.

Speak the Text Out Loud

When you’re learning a text, you need to read it out loud. Obvious? Almost.

My New Book: Christmas by Heart

This Advent, you can learn the Christmas stories from Matthew and Luke by heart.

Why to Learn Verses Perfectly

Should you try to learn the verses perfectly? Yes. Because perfection is easier than “almost”.