My New Book: Christmas by Heart

This Advent, you can learn the Christmas stories from Matthew and Luke by heart.
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I’m thrilled to announce that my new book, Christmas by Heart, is now available on Amazon!

As you can see from the cover, the title says it all:

Christmas by Heart
How to Memorize the Christmas Stories from Matthew and Luke:
Learn One Verse Each Day Through Advent & Christmas 2012

Today is Saturday, and I usually feature a selection from a memory book. So I invite you to go over to and enjoy free sample chapters from my new memory book. You can also download the sample chapters as a PDF, and see the lovely typesetting.

Another option: start by perusing the complete table of contents.

Use the Methods You’ve Been Reading About Here

Christmas by Heart is the first book in my new Books By Heart™ series. You learn a unique, simple, but powerful combination of memory techniques that enables you to memorize whole chapters or even entire books.

If you’re a regular reader of, you’ll recognize many of these techniques as you read Christmas by Heart:

  • The four basic memory steps: pay attention, get interested, make connections, practice and review.

  • Bible rhythms, which make the texts much easier to learn. Almost no one else has noticed these powerful rhythms in the Gospel texts.

  • The cumulative method: You only learn one new verse a day, but you learn it perfectly.

  • No need to fire up Anki, either. This review schedule is so simple that you don’t need flashcards.

  • And you won’t even need mnemonics! For later books in the series, where you memorize an entire Gospel, you may need a few mnemonics for navigation. But in Christmas by Heart, you won’t need them at all.

Simple, Easy, Powerful

I am so excited to bring all these memory techniques together into a single, simple project.

I’ve made learning these stories as easy as I possibly can. The book introduces the techniques gradually, so you don’t have to learn everything all at once. Instead, you learn a verse right away, on the first day. As you learn a new verse on each day, you also get a short lesson on how to memorize a bit better.

The book even includes dates for the 2012 Advent and Christmas seasons. You can start on the first Sunday of Advent, learning one verse a day. Or, you can get the book as a Christmas present, and begin on the day after Christmas. Now you can celebrate an actual season of Christmas, instead of feeling like it’s all over on December 26.

Anyhow, I’ll stop now, so you have time to read the sample chapters. Leave a comment here and let me know what you think!