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How to Remember Poems and Books of the Bible With the 'Cumulative Method'

You can memorize an entire epic poem or book of the Bible – one verse at a time.

Recite While You Jog (Move While You Memorize)

The other morning, I tried reciting a few chapters of Mark while I jogged. The synergy surprised me. Both reciting and jogging felt much easier.

Case Study: How to Memorize The Glugs of Gosh (an epic poem)

Good epic poems are rare. Funny epic poems are almost non-existent. But what about funny epic poems that also set a whole worldview to memorable rhythm? I’ve only found one so far. But I couldn’t memorize the Glugs of Gosh until I stopped using loci and visual mnemonics.

Glugs Update: A few more loci for a long poem

When you’re memorizing a long poem, you don’t need visual mnemonics for every line. But if the poem is too repetitive, or too random, you may need a few extra loci to keep the stanzas in order.

Rhyme and Rhythm: Overview

“Rhyme and rhythm” may be the easiest way to remember things. But did you know that the rhythm can be even more important than the rhyme?

Bible rhythms: Verses as real *verses*

Hear Scripture verses as verses, with a back-and-forth rhythm. Rhythm links phrases, and turns paragraphs into poetry. Learning becomes much easier.