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How to Cram for a Test With a Free Memory Program

Even if you only have days or hours to learn a few hundred facts, you can do it. This article will save your grade.

Anki: Make Your Own Deck: The Basics

Do you want to learn a special list of facts? Enter them into Anki, a free flashcard program, and before you know it, you’ll have them all memorized.

Free Anki Flashcards: How to Download Shared Decks in 5 Easy Steps

Many people offer their flashcards as free shared decks. You can download these decks, and skip the hassle of typing up your own cards. Language vocabulary is especially popular. Always check for a shared deck on your topic.

Ace every test from now on. Seriously.

With the memory techniques on this site, you can ace every test from now on.

Memorize an 'Entire' Book: Make the Good Parts into Flashcards

If you want to keep what you read, the first step is to collect the parts you want to memorize as you read. After you finish the book, you make those parts into memorable flashcards. Here’s how.

Case Study: How to (Not) Memorize the Entire Gospel of Mark

UPDATE (2016 July): The Gospel of Mark has nearly 700 verses, and nearly 15,000 words. A few years back, I memorized the entire thing, by verse.