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Think, Don't Memorize

Stop “memorizing”! Instead, think. Thinking is much more fun, and it actually works.

Renewing Your Memories Is Its Own Reward

Don’t rush through saying your verses. Renewing your verses is its own reward, because when you renew, you think.

Different Ways to Recite Bible Verses

When you’re learning Bible verses by heart, how you say them makes a big difference. But there’s no one “best” way. Different kinds of recitation strengthen different kinds of memories.

Learn Bible Verses as Stories

If you want to learn the Bible by heart, focus on stories, not the chapter and verse. Stories are so much more easy, natural, and interesting.

How to Craft a Daily Memory Routine

Learning these verses depends on daily time. It doesn’t take much time, but it does need to be done every day. Here’s how to craft a daily memory routine that works. (Includes a special printable chart to track your progress).

Your New Daily Verse Routine

Learning verses by heart only takes a little time each day, but you do need to take that time. Here’s a simple routine that will keep you on track.