Your New Daily Verse Routine

Learning verses by heart only takes a little time each day, but you do need to take that time. Here’s a simple routine that will keep you on track.

Spaced Repetition and “Smart” Intervals

If we were going to memorize a longer text, such as an entire Gospel, I would teach you about “spaced repetition” and “smart intervals”. In spaced repetition, you take advantage of how the brain works to time your reviews as efficiently as possible.

The basic idea is simple. You repeat material many times at the beginning. Then, you slowly leave more and more space between your repetitions. It’s a brilliant system for keeping large amounts of material fresh.

A Simpler Method: Repeat Everything Every Day

However, spaced repetition also requires a certain amount of planning. I’ll explain that method in upcoming books which involve memorizing more material. For these stories, the overhead isn’t worth it.

Instead, let’s keep things simple. Every day, at least twice, recite all the verses you’ve learned so far. Say them together, as a series of stories.

Every day, at least twice, recite all the verses you’ve learned so far. Say them together, as a series of stories.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to do this forever. But for now, since we’re “only” learning about a chapter’s worth of verses, reciting the whole thing is simple, and it doesn’t take much time.

At the end of the book, I’ll tell you how to maintain these verses into the future. You can remember them forever without having to say them every day.

Say Recent Verses More Often If Needed

Twice a day should be enough for everything you’ve learned so far. But your newer verses may need a couple more renewals. It depends on the verse.

Every day, the first step is to say all the verses you’ve already learned. As you get to the end, you’ll find out which verses need extra work. Study those verses again, and plan on giving those verses three or four extra recitations throughout the day.

Each extra recitation will only take a minute or two, but it will make all the difference. You’ll start with the earliest “shaky” verse that you had trouble with, and recite through to the today’s new verse. Easy.

Your Daily Verse Routine

  • First, in the morning, say all the verses you’ve already learned.

  • If any verses are “shaky”, refresh your memory from the book. Note the earliest “shaky” verse that you have trouble with.

  • Then, study today’s new verse. Repeat the new verse several times as you learn it.

  • Every few hours, start with the earliest “shaky” verse, and recite straight through to your new verse. Do this three or four times altogether.

  • Later in the day, say all the verses again. (They make an ideal extra bedtime story.)

What do you think? Do you use a different routine? Share it in the comments!