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Jungian Personality Types and How You Remember

What if I have trouble remembering details because that’s my personality? Major insight … or major copout?

The Secret of Remembering What You Read

When I started a memory blog, I focused on techniques. Today, I’m much more interested in thinking. Ready for the secret of remembering what you read? It’s much simpler than I thought.

How to Remember Verses For the Rest of Your Life

When you first learn verses by heart, it feels like you’ll never forget them. But if you don’t renew these verses every so often, they’ll slowly fade away. Here’s how to remember these verses for the rest of your life.

How to Pray the Bible Like the Ancient Christians With 'Lectio Divina'

So what do you do with all these Bible verses you learn by heart? Unless your interest is purely academic, you probably want to get closer to God. Here’s an ancient, yet gentle, approach to praying through the Scriptures: lectio divina.

Remember What You Love — Share It

Maybe memory work is this simple: you remember what you love. But if you’re afraid to talk about it, you might start to forget it.

A Beautiful, Old, Oral Translation

In Books by Heart, we learn a quirky old Bible translation. It can get a bit arcane. But it also offers some surprising hidden features.