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Einstein Moonwalker Discovers Spaced Repetition

Joshua Foer, author of Moonwalking With Einstein, learns a language with spaced repetition.

Learn Spanish by Memorizing Simple Bible Stories

If you’re not up for spending a month in Mexico, learning simple Spanish stories by heart may be the next best thing.

Spanish Update: Stalled on Vocabulary, Memorizing Poetry

Could memorizing poetry be better than vocabulary flashcards for learning a language?

Spanish Update: Renaming the World

In the light of my first new language, a new world blossoms around me.

Do Flashcards Work for Languages?

Flashcards are powerful, but if you’re not careful, they can hijack your memory work. A reader asks: should we still use flashcards for learning a language? I answer: Yes, but only sometimes, and carefully.

Spanish by Christmas: Learn the IPA for English and Spanish with Anki Flashcard Decks

I’m learning Spanish by Christmas, and the first step is learning the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). First for English, then for Spanish. The best way to learn the IPA? Anki decks.