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How Flashcards Succeed: Solutions on Using Anki for Serious Study

An epic list of Anki solutions for the problems that plague the serious flashcard user. (Or, the long-awaited followup to How Flashcards Fail: Confessions of a Tired Memory Guy.)

Jungian Personality Types and How You Remember

What if I have trouble remembering details because that’s my personality? Major insight … or major copout?

Einstein Moonwalker Discovers Spaced Repetition

Joshua Foer, author of Moonwalking With Einstein, learns a language with spaced repetition.

How to Remember in 4 Basic Steps

With these four basic steps, you can master any subject.

Review Bible Chapters With a Review Chart

To review chapters from a long text, I skipped Anki this time around and tried … a paper chart. I can see a whole month’s worth of scheduled reviews at a glance.

Do Flashcards Work for Languages?

Flashcards are powerful, but if you’re not careful, they can hijack your memory work. A reader asks: should we still use flashcards for learning a language? I answer: Yes, but only sometimes, and carefully.