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How Flashcards Succeed: Solutions on Using Anki for Serious Study

An epic list of Anki solutions for the problems that plague the serious flashcard user. (Or, the long-awaited followup to How Flashcards Fail: Confessions of a Tired Memory Guy.)

How Flashcards Fail: Confessions of a Tired Memory Guy

You can use flashcards and spaced repetition to memorize almost anything – so why did I come to hate my reviews? Explore the dark side of this amazing memory system.

Anki: Make Your Own Deck: The Basics

Do you want to learn a special list of facts? Enter them into Anki, a free flashcard program, and before you know it, you’ll have them all memorized.

Free Anki Flashcards: How to Download Shared Decks in 5 Easy Steps

Many people offer their flashcards as free shared decks. You can download these decks, and skip the hassle of typing up your own cards. Language vocabulary is especially popular. Always check for a shared deck on your topic.

Ace every test from now on. Seriously.

With the memory techniques on this site, you can ace every test from now on.

Memorize the Books of the Bible

You can memorize all the books of the Bible with this list of visual mnemonics.