AnkiDroid 0.7: Deck Sorting and Night Mode

The latest AnkiDroid update offers some great new features, including deck sorting and night mode.

If you have an Android phone or tablet, you should try AnkiDroid. AnkiDroid is under active development, and the latest release, AnkiDroid 0.7, offers two new features that I enjoyed right away.

Sort Your Decks

You can finally sort your decks! Until now, whenever you finished reviewing one deck for the day, the main list of decks would reshuffle. I never tried to figure out the rationale for the shuffling, so it seemed fairly random. Maybe it was.

In theory, you’re not supposed to have that many decks that it makes a difference. In practice, I’m glad I can finally sort them.

I favor sorting by how many cards are due. As I do my reviews, the decks with cards due bubble to the top, and the ones I finish slide down off my tiny screen. No more scrolling to hunt for the next deck.

You can also sort decks by last access, alphabetically, by the total number of cards, and the total number of new cards.

To sort your decks: On the main list of decks, Click the menu button, then Preferences -> General -> Deck Order.

Night Mode

Night Mode reverses the colors of your decks. Since most decks are black text on a white background, this reversal gives you a nice, dark look for low light. The buttons and other AnkiDroid bits also reverse.

I find night mode especially handy when I’m putting the kids to bed. I use it in my own bed, too, but that’s probably a recipe for insomnia.

To turn on Night Mode: On a deck’s study screen, check Night Mode.

You probably already see this option, but I’m calling this a “new” feature for 0.7 because it wasn’t working quite right in 0.6. At least, I had some unusual color schemes that would break. With 0.7, I haven’t had any problems. All the colors reverse well.

These two features definitely make the upgrade worth your time.

Download AnkiDroid 0.7.