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How Flashcards Succeed: Solutions on Using Anki for Serious Study

An epic list of Anki solutions for the problems that plague the serious flashcard user. (Or, the long-awaited followup to How Flashcards Fail: Confessions of a Tired Memory Guy.)

The Secret of Remembering What You Read

When I started a memory blog, I focused on techniques. Today, I’m much more interested in thinking. Ready for the secret of remembering what you read? It’s much simpler than I thought.

Thinking Every Day Is Hard

You’d think it would be easy to set aside a mere half hour each day for thinking. Nope. Not so far. But the problem isn’t the time. For me, even setting aside five minutes would be tough. Which only shows how much I need to think every day.

Does Reading Too Fast Make You Forget? (Part 2)

Halleck presents his solution: how to read novels without frying your brain.

Does Reading Too Fast Make You Forget? (Part 1)

Trying to read faster? You might be forgetting more.

How (and Why) to Start the Half Hour Thinking Habit

“Knowledge used does not need to be remembered; practice forms habits and habits make memory unnecessary…”