Remember Months and Letters of the Alphabet

If you have to remember a particular month or letter of the alphabet, have a look at these visual mnemonics.

Mnemonics for months

Many memory books have lists of mnemonics for months; you may recognize a few here.

Month Mnemonic
January New Year’s Hat
February valentine
March March hare
April sprinkler (April Showers)
May spring blossom
June summer sandal
July firecracker
August hay bale
September binder (back to school)
October Jack O’Lantern
November turkey
December Christmas tree

Mnemonics for the letters of the alphabet

Here is a series using animals.

Letter Mnemonic Letter Mnemonic
A anteater N newt or narwhal
B bear O octopus
C crocodile P pig
D dolphin Q quail
E elephant R raccoon
F frog S snake
G giraffe T tiger
H hyena U unicorn
I iguana V vampire bat
J jellyfish W walrus
K kangaroo X foX
L leopard Y yak
M monkey Z zebra

A narwhal is a small whale with tusks.

The alphabet mnemonics had some inspiration from Animalia by Graeme Base.

*[mnemonic]: A mnemonic is a memory prompt.