Learn Luke This Advent: Overview

The basic steps to learning the Christmas story from Luke this Advent.

Welcome to “Learn Luke this Advent”! This Advent, I’d like to help you learn the entire Christmas story from Luke, one verse at a time. You can see the first verse, Luke 2:1, in the block above this article.

Each day, you’ll also get a short memory lesson, adapted from my book, Christmas by Heart.

If you’re a regular reader of this memory blog, but you’re not doing this project, don’t worry. These memory articles are mostly geared towards helping you learn any text, not just Luke 2:1-20.

I’m going to post each new verse and lesson on the evening before the actual day. This way, you can check the computer before bed, if you like, rather than first thing in the morning.

Learning by Heart is Simple

You can boil down this whole memory technique to a few simple ideas:

  • Learn one verse each day.

  • Find the rhythms in the verses.

  • Say the verses out loud.

  • And say them often, at regular times:

    • In the morning and the evening, say all the verses you’ve learned so far, as stories.

    • Also, at each meal, say today’s new verse, to help strengthen this new memory.

By taking just a few minutes a day, in very short sessions, you can slowly write these stories in your heart. Word for word.

In later articles, we’re going to go into more detail, and learn some further techniques. But these are the basics. It’s important that today, on this first day, you get an overview of these simple steps. These steps are all you need to get started.

If you haven’t already seen them, here are two introductions:

Enjoy the journey! See you tomorrow.