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Review: 'The Memory Book' by Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas (1974)

The Memory Book may be the best book on visual mnemonics I’ve ever read. I just wish these mnemonics actually worked.

The Dark Side of Mnemonics

What if mnemonics (memory prompts) actually weaken your memory?

Learn Morse Code With a Free Anki Deck and Mnemonics

You can learn Morse code really, really fast with a free Anki deck and a few mnemonics.

Make Loci on a Car Trip

You can “store” memories in real-life places, or “loci”, that you remember well. You might think that you would run out of memorable places. Actually, you can make loci out of places you only see once. It’s time to change the way you think about pit stops.

Memorize an 'Entire' Book: Make the Good Parts into Flashcards

If you want to keep what you read, the first step is to collect the parts you want to memorize as you read. After you finish the book, you make those parts into memorable flashcards. Here’s how.

Remember Numbers

Numbers usually don’t give us a strong mental image. So we use a code, where consonants stand for numbers. Now we can use words to “spell” numbers!